Here are a few words from some of our customers.

Cain and Cochran Solicitors

We called on Press Telecom late afternoon December 23rd. They attended our offices within 60 minutes and loaned us a temporary telephone system. This eased the pressure and allowed us to make an informed decision in the new year. We cannot thank them or be more grateful and we highly recommend them.

Feroz Bhimani

Director and Solicitor.

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Servenio Limited

Press Telecom reduced our telecoms cost whilst increasing the capacity. The new telephone system presents our company in a more professional way and has improved the customer service levels.

Highly recommended

Nicola Greenwood

Managing Director

Reach Training

Press Telecom has provided us with a contact solution that fits our growing needs. We particularly love the ease of use and the always on call recording facilities. We highly recommend them, 10 out of 10.

Victoria Sedgwick

Director of Reach Training Services.

Great Harwood Plumbing Merchants

We had a faulty Panasonic phone system and a friend recommended we speak to Press Telecom. Not only did Press Telecom fix our old system the same day, but they also took the time to review our setup and offered a better solution that now saves us money.

Highly recommended.
Damien Duxbury

Protool Engineering Limited

We were looking for a telephone system to improve the way we interacted with our clients. We contacted Press Telecom who were able to provide a complete system for less than we were paying in line rental. So now our clients can always get through, and it's not cost us anything more than we were previously paying.

It's a no-brainer, We recommend Press Telecom.

John Alderson

Boundary Pharmacy

We called Press Telecom to fix a faulty LG phone system at our Boundary Pharmacy. Press Telecom attended the same day and ordered a replacement part. We thank Press Telecom and will use them again.

Yasir Jaleel
Boundary Pharmacy

Cain and Cochran solicitors is a specialist firm of motoring law experts whose objective is to fight to save driving licences and reputations.

Late afternoon December the 24th, Cain and Cochran contacted us asking for help as their existing phone system had failed.

Our engineers had learned that the actual phone system processing unit had been removed by their IT person, meaning there was nothing to repair.  The swiftest course of action was to loan some handsets connected to one of our standby systems, and we had the company back up and running within minutes of arriving.

Cain and Cochran’s services are in demand 365 days a year, so having a phone system over the Christmas period ensured they were able to conduct business as usual.  It also meant that the pressure was taken away, thereby allowing Cain and Cochran time to make an informed decision on the best course of action.

If you would like the same prompt no-nonsense service from our engineers, then speak with one of our technical experts now: 0800 6800 139 who will be pleased to help.

Focus On Testing provide Health & Safety Compliance and Facilities Management services across the UK including Electrical Testing, Asbestos Surveys, Legionnaires Risk Assessments, Fire Protection Services and Pest Control.

Focus on Testing needed to expand into larger offices and found their perfect location. However, they soon realised that their widely published telephone numbers were locked to the local telephone exchange.

Press Telecom arranged the unlocking of the numbers by Porting the numbers to the Press Telecom next-generation network meaning they could relocate to new offices in another town. Focus on Testing now enjoy low rate call as well as more line/call capacity, meaning their customers never receive the busy tone.

If you would like to see how Press Telecom can help your business, then telephone 0800 6800 139 for a no-obligation consultation.


Gas Alarm Systems are industry leading experts that provide an extensive range of fixed and portable gas detection systems, detectors and monitors for all industry sectors.

Gas Alarms contacted us because of their Siemens Hi-Path 3550 system developed a fault. Our engineers visited Gas Alarms and determined that the central control unit was at fault.

The company decided that it was more cost efficient to replace the system with a modern IP PBX using SIP technology, which also reduced operating costs while providing more benefits to the company.

If you would like the same prompt no-nonsense service from our engineers or would like to learn more about cost savings, then telephone one of our technical specialists now: 0800 6800 139 who will be pleased to help.

The Globe Centre was born from the ruins of the Howard & Bullough Globe Works in Accrington by a joint venture between Stuart Nevison, Hyndburn Borough Council and Barnfield Construction.

Now the Globe Centre is the jewel in the Globe Enterprises portfolio offering a modern business hub with office, conferencing and dining facilities as well as a place to expand.

Press Telecom is delighted to have been chosen to provide an overhaul of their communications that transformed them from the legacy of ISDN to a new lower costs IP system packing more features and benefits than before.

A review costs nothing to see the untapped potential that can improve communications and reduce costs. If you would like to know if you could work smarter as well as reduce costs, then why not speak with one of our consultants who will happily lend a friendly ear over a cup of coffee.

To kick-start this, all you need to do is telephone 0800 6800 139, and your new journey can begin.

Aegis Services is a company that provides Construction (Design & Management) (CDM) and a range of health, safety, environmental and risk management services.

One afternoon Aegis had an intermittent problem with incoming calls to their existing phone system which was not managed by Press Telecom.

From our experience, we know that intermittent line faults can sometimes take considerable time to resolve.

Within 60 minutes we had arrived at the site and loaned some handsets connected to one of our standby systems, meaning Aegis could continue to make and receive calls while their Telecoms provider investigated the problem.

If you would like the same prompt no-nonsense service from our engineers, then telephone one of our technical specialists now: 0800 6800 139 who will be pleased to help.