Why Hybrid is best for business.

Flexible Extensions

Your business can flex as it needs by adding or removing extensions.

Extensions can be either in your office environment, on a smartphone or remote when employees work from home.


Voicemail comes as standard with enhanced voicemail to email forwarding messages to your inbox, which is ideal if you are away from the office. You also personalise your greeting message as often as you like.

Call Recording

You can choose to record all calls, or just a few it's up to you and being a Hybrid system, you don't have the call recording restrictions often found with Cloud/hosted systems. We just add as much storage as you need - simple.


Marketing on Hold.

If you need to place someone on Hold, then what better way to make use of this period to announce your latest products and services, thereby reinforcing your company brand.


See who's calling

With caller-ID, we can go the extra mile and match the number to the company or person using a centralised phone book that you can control. You can decide how the call should be handled, which if it's a nuisance call, you could add it to the do not disturb list.

Call flow control

If your hours of work needs to change, then time-based call flow can be one solution, another is the ability to have an override option programmed to a single keypress on your telephone. We see this option in use at month end periods where businesses stay open that little longer.