Press Telecom is a UK wide Broadband and Communication provider.

When you choose Press Telecom you are cutting out the expensive middleman and have direct access to premium services at the lowest possible costs.

What makes Press Telecom unique is its ability to provide services directly, unlike a reseller who simply acts as a go-between that has little influence or control on any arising situations.

Press Telecom offers a wide range of communication technologies from Analogue PSTN, ISDN, SIP / VoIP through to broadband and leased lines including MPLS services.

We distinguish ourselves by delivering optimised connectivity to your doorstep as well as on-site service that design, Install and maintain internal data networks.

Press Telecom's engineering department provide certified data installations including Cat5, Cat6 and fibre optic installations.

When you choose Press Telecom, you are choosing a provider that can provide the entire package as a one-stop solution, from the connectivity to the building, the internal data networks, through to the telephone handset on your desk.

Call now on 0800 6800 139 and learn how we can improve your communications and save you money.